Performance-enhancing drugs: Know the risks

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Besides prescription medication, many athletes may turn to illicit substances to deal with mental health conditions, stressors, and pain that they experience. While the drive to perform at their very best pushes athletes to use drugs in sport, they face other factors that can cause different kinds of drug abuse. Essentially all of these substances have side effects, even the ones which are found naturally in the body.

  • When an athlete builds up a tolerance to a medication, they start to need more and more of the substance to receive the same level of pain-relief effects.
  • The emergence of liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry as a routine testing tool has allowed researchers to analyze a number of additional compounds, such as stanozolol (365), tetrahydrogestrinone (35), and clenbuterol (366), with much greater sensitivity.
  • This is difficult because the development of new ‘designer’ steroids is an on-going process.
  • Consistent, long-term use of steroids and other PEDs also leads to tolerance, causing someone to use higher doses of the drug.

The information from a 2020 study among professional athletes demonstrated opioid use in under 5% of participants in the study. Information from one study showed that more than four out of every five student-athletes who participated in the survey admitted to using alcohol. Side effects of creatine can include gaining weight and cramps in the belly or muscles. Thanks to these drinks’ high-profile brands (Gatorade is made by PepsiCo while Powerade is made by Coca-Cola), the splashy advertisements can be both intriguing and convincing. Unfortunately, the claims they make are often far from the truth, as many sports drinks are not really what they appear to be.

Athletes and Drug Addiction

However, most of them indicated their use was for social purposes and not anything relating to sports.

  • No ethical approval was required, since we used only published data.
  • Blood doping, which often involves the use of prohibited erythropoietin, or EPO, increases the number of red blood cells in the body.
  • However, these efforts did not become mainstream until the last 30 years.
  • In the fasted state, GH secretion increases and it partitions metabolic fuels from fat by stimulating lipolysis and fatty acid oxidation to provide energy to protect from catabolism.
  • The ABP collates data on the levels of different substances in the body, during and after exercise, and uses this to construct a profile, effectively determining natural levels of various substances in the body for each individual.

PED users are increasingly encountered in needle-exchange programs, where they may sometimes represent most of the clientele (79, 80). The use of PEDs in sports is not a new phenomenon; documentation exists of a variety of potions, plants, and animal extracts that early Olympic athletes used to improve performance in ancient Greece. Figure 2 provides a brief timeline of the evolution of PED use from its beginnings in modern professional sports to its much wider use by the general population. Several factors may explain why the issue of PED use and its adverse health effects has remained neglected.

Drug abuse in athletes

But being forced to go in and testify in front of the grand jury, I felt like, all of a sudden, that was my moment and I had all this guilt built up that I didn’t even know how deep it went. And finally, I got there in front of the grand jury and maybe the first 10, 15 minutes were a little bit hard, but then it was just like – PHEW – and it just came out, and for as hard as it was, it felt also just wonderful. Here we go, here’s the truth, and it’s not pretty, it’s really ugly and I’m ashamed about it.

I called them committee meetings and just kind of think about what I was up to and the consequences if it all went bad, how ugly that was going to look. The primary medical use of these compounds is to treat conditions such as hypertension, kidney disease, and congestive heart failure. Taken Facts About Aging and Alcohol National Institute on Aging without medical supervision, diuretics can result in potassium depletion and possibly even death. To find out about the effects of legal and illegal drugs visit the Alcohol and Drug Foundation website. You can read more about performance-enhancing drugs at Australian Academy of Science.

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Food and Drug Administration has not approved these novel nonsteroidal SARMs for clinical use, some of them are already being sold illicitly on the Internet. The AAS users at greatest risk for adverse effects are likely those who develop AAS dependence and accumulate many years of AAS exposure. Therefore, this same study sought to estimate the number of Americans who had experienced AAS dependence.

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